Evgenia Marchuk

Ukrainian composer

Evgenia Marchuk

Evgenia Marchuk was born in Cherkasy , Ukraine on 11 of April  1979.

She graduated  Cherkasy  school of Art (class piano, violin, guitar,1994); Cherkasy musical college (department of «theory of music» with Volodymyr Nesterenko, Larysa Yavors`ka and piano class with Margarita Karcub, 1998); Kharkiv Art University (composition class with associate professor Urij  Aljnev and completed with Victor  Mujchil`, 2005).

Evgenia began composing when she was a child. When Eugenia was 8 year she had her first performance as young composer and pianist.

Evgenia Marchuk is prize-winner of  All-Ukrainian and international composition competitions including Diploma Winner of the international competition « GRADUS ad PARNASSUM », 2005 and Grand Prix of  All-Ukrainian T. Shevchenko`s  competition, 2006.

She is a  participant of  international musical festivals  including “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”, New York City, USA, 2013; «Kyiv Music Fest», Ukraine, 2013, 2012; Kyiv children musical festival “8 note”, 2011; other.

In 1998 - 2000 she taught solfeggio and musical literature at a children`s music school in Cherkasy.

In 2003 - 2005 she worked as music presenter at Kharkiv National Radio.

Now Evgenia Marchuk working as composer at the Cherkasy Academical Puppet Theatre.  

Her achievement:symphonic (“Mercy me, my God” for choir – a cappella, words by David`s Psalm(2011); “The dance of large and small rats” for string orchestra (2011); “I`m a girl, I`m a blue river” ukrainian spring song for soloist and symphony orchestra, words by Oleksij Bezgodov (2009); “The Winter sketches” for chamber orchestra(2008); «Prayer» for folk chorus, soloist and orchestra(2008); “Concert for orchestra” for symphony orchestra (2005)); chamber-instrumental, choral music; vocal cycle «Sleeping eyes»for mezzo-soprano(2006); theatre music(«Caliph - stork»(2006), «I want to be a grown-up»(2008),«Bugaboo» (2009) and other); music for movies («Egg of  dinosaur», director – O. Donets (2008) and other); music for TV-show; children’s music; and other.